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The Shelbourne – Over 100 Years of tradition

The Shelbourne Bakery and Restaurant celebrates its 104th year in business and has been synonymous with quality all through the years. Approximately 20 years ago, Mr. Hugh Boyle purchased the Shelbourne Bakery from the Mooney family and since then Mr. Boyle and his son Hugh Jnr. have developed the business with the help of their excellent staff, investing and refurbishing every area of the establishment to include new kitchens and bake house, through to the well designed bakery shop and extended restaurant.

The new Shelbourne Restaurant, which occupies the premises of the former White Cross Hotel on Margaret Street, has a sophisticated elegance and a relaxing, inviting atmosphere.

Adding that touch of style and historical authenticity, the original lettering of the White Cross Hotel can still be seen on the outside 1st floor of the building.

The Shelbourne Restaurant also features a fine display of both local and international art with such names as Graham Knuttel and John Kingerley gracing the walls and all paintings on display are for sale.

We recently extended our restaurant to include 30 extra seats, which enhances The Shelbourne Bakery experience. We now have over 200 seats in our premises.

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